Frequently Asked Questions

What is the max weight in a container

Legal weight on port chassis:

Up to 37,499 lbs in a 20’
42,499 lbs in a 40’
42,499 lbs in a 45’

Max weight on a super chassis:

Up to 48,000 lbs in a 20’
57,000 lbs in a 40’
57,000 lbs in a 45’

What if my shipment is above those limits?

Transloading would be required.

Do you haul oversized cargo?

Yes, OOG cargo is dependent on the configurations of the load.

What are super loads?

Super loads require special approval from the state to move anything over 16′ 0″ wide, 16′ 0″ tall, or over 200,000 lbs (including tractor and trailer).

Do you haul hazardous materials?

Yes, we will need to know the UN number to quote. We are authorized to haul all classes of hazardous materials, but will not haul class 7 with a transport index higher than 1.0.

What is the difference between live load and drop-and-pick for container shipping?

A live load means that the driver will pick up a container and take it to a destination and wait until the container is loaded before transporting the container back to the rail or shipping line. A drop and pick means the driver will pick up a container and drop it at a destination for loading and come back and retrieve the container at a later time for delivery to the rail or shipping line.

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