Project Cargo

Trust your project cargo with United Motor Freight

When you need to transport oversized, overweight, and high-value project cargo to and from points in the greater U.S. and Canada, partner with United Motor Freight of Seattle, Washington. You can trust us to expertly handle complex project cargo and deliver your freight on time, on budget, and in tip-top shape.

Personal service, tailored to your project’s needs

Our many years of servicing the energy, infrastructure, wind power, and heavy machinery and equipment industries in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area have turned us into the experts you need to support your project cargo needs. Our highly-skilled staff combined with the size and capability of our unique CFS facilities in Seattle and Tacoma offer you:

  • Efficient, safe, and expert handling of oversize, overweight complex project cargo
  • Large, covered area for trans-loading, crating, and packing of high-value cargo
  • Stationary 50-ton whirly crane
  • Forklifts ranging in capacity from 5,000 to 140,000 pounds for heavy lift and machinery moves
  • State of the art, specialized heavy-haul equipment, including removable gooseneck trailers
  • Break bulk handling, storage, preparation, and consolidation
  • Custom crating with our proprietary methods and processes
  • Short-term warehouse storage

Heavy lift

At United Motor Freight, we have extensive experience handling, lifting, and securing the most delicate and challenging of cargos. From trans-loading and reloading large transformers to unloading, trans-loading, and transporting components for large windmill farms, we have the know-how and capacity to handle any project freight. Our onsite crane and forklifts at our Seattle and Tacoma CFS facilities can lift and support freight weighing many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Open top and flat rack containers

At United Motor Freight, we also handle the loading and unloading of special, heavy, or out of gauge cargo on flat racks or in open top containers for import or export cargos. We work with you to analyze and plan – down to the smallest detail – the best way to load and secure your project freight to each flat rack or open top for damage-free freight delivery to its destination. And we can make all the arrangements for delivery of your import cargo to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Recent projects

We’ve pulled together this small list of some recent projects we’ve worked on to give you an idea of the breadth and depth of our project cargo experience. Don’t worry if you don’t see your industry or project cargo needs in the examples; chances are we’ve done it.

Deliver high-value machinery to computer chip factory in Vancouver, Washington

A leading computer chip manufacturer built a new manufacturing plant in Vancouver, Washington. Over the course of several months we hauled more than 80 loads of various types of machinery designed to make wafer-thin material for computer chips.

Delivery was on a strict schedule as the various pieces had to be delivered in a certain order and at pre-set times to coordinate with rigging companies in the Vancouver area who were on board to unload and position the machinery inside the building. All project cargo was delivered at the times needed and in impeccable condition.

Unload, trans-load, and transport parts for large windmill farm

With the increase in construction of windmill farms for wind-generated energy, we’ve become the Seattle and parts northwest expert in handling the various components of windmill farms, including tower sections, blades, generators, flange rings, and other parts that often come in break bulk or on flat rack equipment.

We’ve handled hundreds of flat racks of flange rings loads, which are often in the neighborhood of 80,000 pounds and over 15 feet in diameter. To ensure that the rings are not damaged or even touched during loading and unloading, we’ve developed our own proprietary method using a combination of heavy-lift forklifts and rigging chains, among other pieces.

Transport, trans-load and prepare cutting-edge machinery cargo for export

A leading manufacturer of machinery in Everett, Washington, needed to export sensitive machinery to a paper company in New Zealand. The specialized machinery was designed to reduce the waste portion of pulp produced in paper manufacturing from 25% to only 2%.

We transported 17 loads of the machinery from the manufacturing site in Everett to our CFS facility in Seattle where we trans-loaded the cargo into 12 open top ocean containers. We handled, packaged, and secured the extremely delicate machinery for shipment to New Zealand, where it arrived in excellent condition.

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